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Motto of Ambulant physiotherapy Fyziotopy is to help and satisfy customer. We are aiming at complex harmonization therapy leading to finding source of annoyancies of body movement system.

Therapy is oriented towards solution via clients activities in the form of exercises based on Spiral Stabilization of the Spine (Method SPS or SM System). Such physical training combined with personal care leads to precize managing of exercise, that harmonize body movement system. Result of succesfull Spiral stabilization of spine therapy is well trained client, that can help himself. We are of course offering manual techniques besides Method SPS as a rehabilitation ambulance.

Our practice is based on personal aproach and special care without application supplementary electro-mechanical instruments. The therapist is fully focused on client during the session. However, it needs to be noted that therapy of such quality is not generally supported via public health insurance.

We are offering solutions for:

  • stabilization of painful spine
  • frozen shoulder
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • over loaded hip-joint and knee joint
  • flat foot (fallen arches)
  • hallux valgus
  • scoliosis and bad body posture
  • clients after cerebrovascular accident
  • activation of autochthonous, will uncontrollable, spine muscles
  • compenzation of sitting-induced body overloading in case of office job


  • Method SPS (Spiral Stabilization of the Spine) - exercise with elastic rope
  • manual and mobilisation techniques
  • relaxating, regenerating and sport's massages
  • reflexology massage
  • foot reflexology massage
  • Bobath's concept
  • posthural therapy on the basis of developmental ontogenesis
  • quadrupedal locomotion and Klapp's crawling


  • Individual therapy at the ambulance - 700 Kč/55 min.
  • Individual therapy at customer home - 700 Kč/55 min. + travel expenses
  • Individual SM-System excercise at ambulance - 700 Kč/55 min. (on or two persons)
  • Group SM-System excercise - 800 Kč/55 min. + + travel expenses and renting of the room (price for the group)
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